4 Ways to Make a Reservation
Call Airport Express
San Francisco at
3. If you forgot to make a reservation,
Upon Arrival at SFO, Collect your Luggage and Call Airport Express at

We will direct you to the nearest pick up area where a van will be waiting.
Ask your Hotel Concierge to   arrange for your pick up.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Van Shuttle Service to San Francisco and Oakland Airport

•  Where are the airport shuttle van Pick Up Locations at SFO or OAK airports?
  Click here fordetailed airport shuttle pick up location information.
•  How long does it take to get to the Airport, and will there be other stops?
  From the wharf area you should allow 45 - 55 minutes to get to the airport, from downtown hotels allow 30 - 40 minutes on average. There will be other stops in town before traveling to the airport; however it will not delay your travel time to the airport.
•   What is the rate for children to SFO?
  The charge is $12.00 to SFO for children (4 - 10). Under 4 who ride on the parent's lap are free of charge. Children in car seats are charged full price.  The rate for children going to OAK is $15.
•  Do you provide car seats?
  Child car seats are not provided in the vehicles. If your child requires a car seat, please bring one for the trip.
•   What time does the shuttle run?
  Our first pick up from San Francisco to SFO is 4:15 am from the Wharf area and 5 am from downtown San Francisco. To Oakland airport the first pick up time is 4:45 am from the wharf area and 5 am from downtown San Francisco. The latest pick up time to SFO is 9:45 pm from the wharf and 10 pm from downtown San Francisco. To Oakland airport the last pick up time is 8:45 pm and 10 pm from downtown San Francisco. If you have other locations than downtown or the wharf, please call our office at 415-775-5121 to find out pick up times.
•  How much luggage can I bring on the shuttle?
  We allow each passenger 2 regular sized pieces of luggage. If you have more or if any piece is abnormally large there may be an extra charge. You must let us know when you make your reservation if you are bringing extra luggage so that we can make sure we have room to accommodate you. Oversized or excessive luggage/ golf clubs / bikes / surf boards will cost $5.00 extra each.
•  Are Pets allowed on the vans?
  No pets are allowed except for seeing eye dogs.
•  Are there discount rates for round trip purchases, and how do we arrange for that?
  If you book round trip on our web site, you will get an automatic discount of $2.00 per person each way. If you are not sure of your return time you can still buy your ticket and add a note to let us know that you will call for the time of pick up the day before.
•  Do you accept last minute reservations?
  We are known for our last minute reservation system. We try our best and are successful 95% of the time.
•  Does the price per person include tax?
  Quoted Fares include tax but do not include gratuities.
•  Do your charters include taxes and tolls?
  If you have a private van pick you up at the airport the taxes are included. However , gratuities are not included.
•  How do we book a tour or book a van for more than one hour?
  To book anything more than a pick up and drop off, please call our office for arrangements. 415 775 5121
•  Do you accept checks?
  Checks are not accepted for payment. Cash or Credit card only.
•  How do we arrange Airport to Airport Transfers?
  Airport to Airport transfers are not available on-line, please call our office during office hours. 9 am to 7 pm 415-775-5121
If you are arriving at SFO between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm you do not need to make any advance arrangements. Just call our office at 415 775 5121 after you have retrieved your luggage and our dispatcher will direct you to our pick up location according to your airline.
For Oakland airport pick ups
you must make a reservation 24 hours in advance.
Other Important Policies:
•  Cancellations must be done 24 hours ahead of time.
•  If the pick up is OAK Airport, and your flight is delayed, an extra charge may be applied.
•  When you buy a ticket on line or with a Travel agency, you must have your receipt to give to the driver.

Safety, security and peace of mind. Our drivers are vigorously trained and have an average of five years experience driving vans. Our fleet is maintained and serviced in our own facilities and is annually reviewed and certified by the San Francisco Airport and the Highway patrol.

We are not responsible for:

1.  loss or damages to luggage worth more that $250, including contents
2.  carry-on items that may be damaged in transit
3.  cash, jewelry, computers
4.  If you forget anything inside the van, We will bring it to the office and send it back to you on your request      when provided a credit card for FedEx

Most major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express) are accepted

We strive to provide the best possible service at the most affordable rates by combining comfort, reliability, and safe transportation.

We have variety of service options to custom fit your needs. If you have groups or corporate clients that need an as directed or just a drop off , our professional drivers will make it easy for you and your VIP customers. We also offer Convention Services by requests.

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